Flamecraft: Dragon Miniatures (Series 2) (SEE LOW PRICE AT CHECKOUT)



New dragon miniatures upgrade for Flamecraft - Series 2

A stunning set of miniatures has been crafted by the dragons of Flamecraft! These seven dragon minis depict specific characters from the game such as Hot Dog, Starburst and Thistle! Each of these fiery friends has incredible detail, with their own bespoke props, such as a freshly baked loaf, a special Flamecraft gem and a spade with a tiny snail friend.

  • DIVERSE SET: Upgrade your Flamecraft game with this Series 2 set featuring 7 vibrant dragon miniatures.
  • UNIQUE CHARACTERS: Meet Hot Dog, Starburst, Thistle, and other specific characters from the Flamecraft universe.
  • DETAIL-ORIENTED: Each dragon miniature is meticulously crafted with incredible detail and comes with bespoke props.
  • VARIOUS PROPS: Dragons come with their own unique props, including a freshly baked loaf, a special Flamecraft gem, and a spade with a tiny snail friend.
  • VERSATILE SIZE: Miniatures range from 35mm to 40mm, suitable for various tabletop gaming experiences.


7 'Series 2’ color miniatures ranging from 35-40mm

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