Honey Buzz: Fall Flavors - Cornucopia Expansion (SEE LOW PRICE AT CHECKOUT)



The Cornucopia expansion contains new components that you can include in your games of Honey Buzz: Fall Flavors, in any combination. Some introduce new rules that alter gameplay, while others increase the variety that the game has to offer.

3 new Fruit Order cards let you sell to animals known for being not-so-picky eaters (goat, pig, and dog). These cards feature wild symbols which can be satisfied by any honey or fruit.

4 new Foliage Cards reference the adjacency of leaves in your hive, putting an emphasis on placement in addition to set collection.

8 new Toast Cards for the Harvest Festival module give you scoring options related to actions taken on your turn or related to the other expansion modules.

30 new Bonus Tokens can be placed on the Harvest Festival board, making the reward for retired workers even more bountiful.

Finally, 2 new Queen's Contests for solo play reference sold or unsold fruit, and a new solo die can be used alongside the solo dice from the Honey Pot mini-expansion to make dice-based solo play interact with all of the new modules in Honey Buzz: Fall Flavors.

This expansion requires a copy of Honey Buzz: Fall Flavors.



PLAY TIME: 45-90 mins


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