Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising (SEE LOW PRICE AT CHECKOUT)



Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising is the standalone sequel to Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time. It is scenario-based and can be played as individual replayable scenarios or as a steadily evolving campaign leading up to big boss fights, hero challenges, and more.

The game offers simple to learn rules with a high level of tactics for experienced gamers. Upon starting each scenario, players will be able to choose from a range of difficulty levels or even take on the dreaded Iron Challenges which require near-perfect strategies to overcome.
This is not an expansion, and knowledge of Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time is not necessary to play.

  • STANDALONE TOWER-DEFENSE ADVENTURE: Jump into intense tower-defense action with Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising, a complete game for 1-4 players. No need for prior knowledge of Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time to enjoy this sequel's innovative challenges.
  • COOPERATIVE STRATEGY FOR EVERYONE: Designed for both newcomers and seasoned gamers, featuring simple rules with deep tactical gameplay. Work together to defeat monster hordes through strategic planning and cooperation.
  • VARIABLE DIFFICULTY & IRON CHALLENGES: Tailor your gameplay experience with multiple difficulty levels or test your skills with the Iron Challenges, demanding perfect strategies to conquer. Offers a tailored challenge for every type of player.
  • UNIQUE HEROES & ASYMMETRICAL POWERS: Choose from unique, asymmetrical heroes, each with their own powers and playstyles. This diversity allows for dynamic gameplay and endless strategic combinations in every game session.
  • EVOLVING CAMPAIGN & REPLAYABLE SCENARIOS: Engage in an evolving campaign with big boss fights, hero challenges, and more. Replayable scenarios ensure that every game is a new adventure, providing lasting entertainment and value.



PLAY TIME: 90 mins

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