Manhattan Project: War Machine (SEE LOW PRICE AT CHECKOUT)



Guide your nation to military supremacy in the face of impending war. Strategically deploy your workforce, build a potent production engine, and amass military goods for victory points. The game concludes with a tally of points from diverse elements, and in case of a tie, the player with the most remaining resources secures triumph. Efficiently managing energy, structures, and goals is key to emerging as the dominant force.

  • STRATEGIC WARFARE: Guide your nation to military supremacy in the face of impending war, using a mix of strategy and resource management.
  • BUILD YOUR ARSENAL: Construct factories and collect resources to fuel your war machine, allowing you to amass military goods for victory points.
  • TACTICAL CHOICES: Roll dice and assign them strategically to various districts, offering a wide range of choices and effects as you plan your moves.
  • RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: Efficiently manage energy, structures, and goals to become the dominant force on the battlefield.
  • COMPETITIVE GAMEPLAY: Engage in intense competition where every action you take can have a ripple effect, influencing both your opponents' engines and your own.



PLAY TIME: 45 mins

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