Mission Control: Critical Orbit - Crisis Command Expansion

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The Mercury Exploration project at S.A.G.A. (the Space & Aeronautics Global Alliance) is the most advanced program of its kind. It is also the most dangerous. The exploration of inner and outer space requires rigorous training and only the sharpest, strongest, most resourceful cadets will be accepted. But permission to board a Mercury rocket is only granted once these promising cadets complete hazard and a emergency protocol training that will put every skill they've acquired to the test.

Crisis Command enhances your games with three brand new City Boards, a System Check deck that adds variety and exciting challenges to your sessions, one more, to make sure your S.A.G.A. explorers are prepared to overcome any hardships or surprises on their exploration adventures.

3 Crisis Command Mission Control Boards
3 Conduit Tiles
6 System Check Cards
3 Mission Control Player Aids

This expansion requires a copy of Mission Control: Critical Orbit



PLAY TIME: 15-20 mins

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