On The Underground: Paris/New York

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Build the most successful lines in the iconic underground networks of Paris and New York, in this stand-alone version of the classic route-building game by Sebastian Bleasdale!

Building the Paris Metro network, you will need to strike the right balance between collecting sets of tokens, connecting secret destinations, blocking other players while not being blocked yourself and, of course, carrying the Passenger.
The fast paced New York map reflects the hectic pace of life in the big Apple.  It encourages players to mirror real life by creating lines through Manhattan, but you have to build quickly to keep up with the always-moving Passenger.

54 New York destination cards
37 Paris destination cards
4 destination tokens
190 Track tokens
20 Branch tiles
11 Paris secret objective cards
40 Paris Landmark tiles
10 score tiles
1 Passenger token
1 Start Player tile
2 reference tiles
Double sided game board



PLAY TIME: 45-60 min

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