Pocket Detective: Season One

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Pocket Detective is a cooperative card game which will put your deduction skills to the test. Gather evidence, interview witnesses and piece it all together in order to reveal the perpetrator. A deck of cards will lead you through the investigation. Just open the box and start playing!

In Pocket Detective, players investigate tangled cases and mysterious stories. Gather clues, interrogate suspects, perform arrests and match pieces of information to successfully solve the case. Test your investigative skills with three criminal cases: Murder at the University, Dangerous Liaisons, and Time is Running Out.

A turn consists of choosing one of the available cards and following a lead on it. The cards may represent a Clue, a Location, Witness Interrogation, Special Action, Arrest of a Suspect, etc. The goal is to solve the case in as few turns as possible.



PLAY TIME: 60 mins

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