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Players try to protect their Hens at the Hen House while also playing their Foxes to gobble up opponents' Hens.

On your turn, perform ONE of THREE ACTIONS:
LAY: Place a card from your hand (face down)
to any unoccupied space at a Hen House.

EXPOSE: Choose one facedown card at the Hen House belonging to an
opponent, declare that you believe it’s their Fox, then flip it
face up. If it’s a Fox, take it and place it in front of you to score
at the end of the game. If it’s a Hen, it becomes Safe and scores points based on the value of the Hen House Space.

3. REVEAL: Select cards around the Hen House(s) and flip
them face up ONE AT A TIME.
OUTCOMES FROM REVEAL: The owner of the Fox gobbles (takes) the
highest ranked Hen and places it in front of themself. The highest
ranked remaining Hen becomes Safe - rotate it to the √ side.
Return any remaining Foxes and Hens to their owners' hands.
HENS ONLY: Only the highest ranked Hen becomes Safe. Return
the others to their owners' hands.
FOXES ONLY: Return all Foxes to their owners' hands.
TIED HENS or MULTIPLE FOXES: If tied Hens or multiple Foxes
are revealed, the Active Player's card is ranked higher,
followed by the player to their left, and so on.

The game ends immediately when either occurs:
• A player holds just 1 card in their hand at the start of their turn.
Then, flip over all face down cards around the Hen House(s).
Foxes around Hen Houses have no value. All Hens there are Safe.
• All card spaces at the Hen House(s) are occupied, AND face up.
1. Owners of Safe Hens at Hen House(s) earn points relative to
the 1, 2, 3 or 4 valued spaces around the Hen House.
2. Gobbled Hens are worth their face value. If you gobbled a Hen
of your own, it is negative points instead.
3. Captured Foxes are worth points equal to the number of
players (2, 3 or 4)

The player with the most points from Safe Hens, exposed enemy Foxes, and gobbled Hens will be the winner!



PLAY TIME: 20-30 mins

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