Hikers only score if they are on a path of 4 continuous numbers. Do you join an opponents’ trail to team up, or block their path with one of your own? Do you forgo a sure placement to buddy up your hikers for a perfect space next turn? Will that space even be available next turn?

Simple Rules & Tough Decisions

The game’s tough because the players make it tough, not because the rules are confusing–just the way we like it. We love when we can teach a game in a minute and every player (new and experienced) is instantly competitive!

Organic Partnerships

Table talk, teamwork, and betrayal can all manifest in Switchbacks, with no formal rules for them. How will you play? One group might love the game as a quick, peaceful filler game while another group is still agonizing over a mid-game act of war.

Hidden Info

Each player looks at and discards one tile at the beginning of the game. Will it be the key to your opponents’ strategies? Can you leverage that small amount of hidden information and turn it into a decisive win? Or, even if your information isn’t that important, can you bluff to make it seem like it is?



PLAY TIME: 10-30 mins

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