Vinyl: Jukebox

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After flipping through the selection of songs, inserting a coin into the slot, pushing buttons, a Mechanismsal arm selects a 45 from its library. After carefully placing it on the spinning turntable, music fills the air and begins to entertain the nearby listeners.

Jukebox is a two-player light-weight set collection game where players construct a jukebox with 45s, which come in five genres, three decades, and have great songs on either A or B sides. To collect 45s, a player must draw coins out of their bag and inserts them into one of two slots. The player will continue until there is a desired match OR their slot(s) are full of coins. As 45s are acquired, the player places them into a 3x3 grid near their player board.

The player will score a row or column of three 45s. As the player's bag empties, they may empty their coin box and earn two bonus coins. Keep in mind that at specific points in the game, the player's opponent will benefit from the player's decisions getting free actions to insert coins into their player board. When a player acquires nine 45s, the game end is triggered. The players add their score up from the scoring tokens earned during play plus the points from their private objectives. The player with the most points is the winner.



PLAY TIME: 60 mins

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