2 Minutes to Midnight

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2 Minutes to Midnight – A strategic game of the Cold War.
A game of influence, military, sabre-rattling, global trade, embargoes, technology, Soviet reforms, spies, and coups.
Play out the whole of the Cold War for one or two players.

  • Asymmetric Sides – USSR & USA each play dierently.
  • Historical Focus – Extensively researched & details, but simple to play.
  • SOLO mode – Out-of-the-box solo play for quick-start solo goodness.
  • A Day’s Game - scenarios at 1, 2, 4, and 7 hours play time.

As the USA, can you force the collapse of the Soviet Union?
As the USSR, can you win the space race and spread communism?



PLAY TIME: 60-420 mins

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