3D-Printed Board Game Clips (Clear)

Size: 2mm 90° (8 pack)


3D-Printed Box Insert/Organizer by PrintablesByCaren (https://www.printablesbycaren.com/)

A list of games that work for each size can be found at HERE

Have you ever been playing your favorite multi-board board game and someone knocks one of the boards out of place? Or you just can't get them lined up perfectly during setup?

These little clips will solve these issues and are designed specifically for board games! They will snugly and temporarily clip together two boards or keep seams in boards closed with very minimal intrusion into the play surface and without noticeably marking or scuffing your board.

Various sizes are available to fit nearly any board game! These have rounded edges so they won't noticeably scratch your boards and are created with 2-3 continuous beads of 3D printed filament on each layer so that they are very durable and will hold their shape and tension for many hundreds or thousands of clips and unclips.

There are 6 different types of board game clips

-2mm straight clip

These are what most gamers will need for most of their games! If you're going to buy one clip type, this should be it. These will hold together most any game currently in production such as Zombicide, War of the Ring, Formula D, Star Wars Imperial Assault, Cyclades, and most others! We offer this in three quantities. Will fit boards from 1.75mm - 2.5mm, two variations are included with all sales of these clips. The narrow variation have a little more "bite" in their grip and don't intrude into the playing surface quite as much, the wider version is gentler on your board but and a larger compression area.

2.5mm straight clip

-90° 2mm clips

This is great for any 2mm boards that don't line up with each other

-90° 2.5mm clips

-120° 2mm clips

These will work great for Gaia Project, Clans of Caledonia, Twilight Imperium, older versions of Catan that don't have the border tiles etc.. Will work with any game that uses hex tiles of 1.7mm - 2.2mm

-120° 2.5mm clips

I should just call these the Rallyman GT clips! It's a perfect solution for this game. Other games that use hex tiles which are 2.25mm - 2.75mm thick that could use these clips.

3D-printed with environmentally friendly and very durable PLA plastic (Black).

*Note that custom 3D prints may have some surface imperfections as compared to mass-produced injection-molded plastic (layer striations, patterned surface, etc.). Actual game not included in sale.

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