3D-Printed Box Insert/Organizer: Dune: Imperium (Black)



3D-Printed Box Insert/Organizer by PrintablesByCaren (https://www.printablesbycaren.com/)

Keep everything organized and make setup and tear down simple and faster! Each component has its own spot, meaning that you won't have to sort through and separate cards every game, nor will you need to give players baggies of components because each player will have their own tray of components.  

Simply hand those out and your players have everything they need! This insert will allow you to play more and setup less, and your game will look and feel like a much more premium product!

This insert set allows the game to be stored in any direction without parts losing their designated spots.

It supports sleeved or unsleeved cards and also has plenty of room for any upgraded components you might have for the game.  

There are two spacers that allow for plenty of extra storage space and the resource trays are much larger than necessary and can be organized many different ways to accommodate expansions or upgraded components.

3D-printed in PLA plastic (Black)

*Note that custom 3D prints may have some surface imperfections as compared to mass-produced injection-molded plastic (layer striations, patterned surface, etc.). Actual game not included in sale.

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