3D-Printed Box Insert/Organizer: Hadrian's Wall (Black)



3D-Printed Box Insert/Organizer by PrintablesByCaren (https://www.printablesbycaren.com/)

This insert does a great job keeping everything in place and ready to go when you're ready to play! Speed up setup and tear-down by just popping the insert out, hand out cards and components and you're ready to play! No more emptying bags, finding component bins etc.. etc..

The box can be stored any direction and pieces will not lose their place. If you store the game vertically, when you use a sheet from the paper pads, instead of throwing them out, put them under the pads so that space does not start to appear between the insert and the box top. This insert will not accept sleeved cards.

3D-printed with environmentally friendly and very durable PLA plastic (Black).

*Note that custom 3D prints may have some surface imperfections as compared to mass-produced injection-molded plastic (layer striations, patterned surface, etc.). Actual game not included in sale.

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