Agricola: Ephipparius Deck (SEE LOW PRICE AT CHECKOUT)



This expansion box contains 168 new cards for Agricola, comprising 85 minor improvements and 84 occupations. The Ephipparius-deck can be played with the base game by itself or shuffled with any other Agricola expansion decks.

A very special expansion with lots of cards in a new box size: These cards have been thoroughly tested over years by the best Agricola players in the world. A must for every collector.

This deck works best with Agricola Revised Edition.

  • DEDUCTION AND STRATEGY: Engage in a captivating game of wits as you protect the kingdom's treasure or attempt daring heists in this thrilling board game.
  • ROLE-BASED GAMEPLAY: Choose your side – play as the prince safeguarding the coffers or become a cunning brigand amassing wealth while avoiding capture.
  • DYNAMIC GAMEPLAY: Experience tense moments with secret crew assignments, action tokens, and the possibility of captured thieves facing trial or executing daring escapes.
  • EVOLVE YOUR SKILLS: As the prince, develop your skills throughout the game to enhance your ability to protect the kingdom's riches and outsmart your opponents.
  • SIX TURNS TO VICTORY: Can you safeguard the treasure for six turns as the prince or become the richest brigand to claim triumph in this strategic showdown?

This expansion requires a copy of Agricola.



PLAY TIME: 90 mins

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