Bonsai: Vigorous Growth and Specialists Mini-Expansion

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Bonsai: Vigorous Growth and Specialists includes two optional modules that can be added to Bonsai and used either individually or together.

The 'Vigorous Growth' module consists of three triple tiles with symbols "3", "4", or "5" printed on the back. With this module, players can accelerate the development of their bonsai tree by acquiring new special tiles.

At the beginning of your turn, you may discard as many cards as indicated on one of the triple tiles still available in order to obtain that tile. Turn the tile over and place it in your bonsai immediately, making sure that at least one of the four wooden sides of the tile touches a bonsai wood tile, then take the rest of your turn as usual.

The cards you discard must all be of different types. The types of cards are Growth, Tool, Helper, Master, and Parchment. You may discard cards from your play area and your deck. Discarded cards are removed from play and no longer provide their effects or any victory points at game end. Each player may obtain only one triple tile per game. Once obtained, a triple tile is no longer available.

The 'Specialists' module consists of a game board and four declaration tokens. With this module, players can proclaim themselves cultivation specialists...but will they actually be able to prove it?

At the beginning of your turn and only once per game, you can declare that you will be the player with the most tiles of a certain type in your bonsai at game's end.

To do this, choose a type of tile (wood, leaf, flower, or fruit) and a space not occupied by any tokens on the specialists' board. Stack a number of tiles of your chosen type from your personal supply on that space equal to the number shown on that space, then place your declaration token on top of the stack so that the type of the tiles beneath it remains visible. Once placed, a declaration token (and the tiles under it) cannot be moved or used. You may choose a type of tile that has already been previously chosen by another player.

This expansion requires a copy of Bonsai



PLAY TIME: 40 mins

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