Boonlake: Artifacts (SEE LOW PRICE AT CHECKOUT)



For some weeks, all sorts of treasure hunters have been scurrying around Boonlake. Odd artifacts that were found in the lake have attracted your attention. They are of a special nature and require a strange form of energy source. It seems as if they are powered by a Variable Atomic System Energy in short, V.A.S.E. Since you have found out that vases provide an opportunity to generate electricity, they have gained a completely new significance in Boonlake.

So, build a shipyard and Start retrieving the treasures! Boonlake: Artifacts features a new Lake gameboard that gives players more options to gain bonuses and points throughout the game. Additionally, players can now build a shipyard to unlock access to powerful artifacts. With over 50 new Project cards, Boonlake: Artifacts provides players with new strategies to pursue in Boonlake!

This expansion requires a copy of Boonlake



PLAY TIME: 80-160 mins

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