Graphic Novel Adventures Jr’s are aimed at new readers and are the perfect introduction into adventure to share with your little ones! Each hardbound book comes separate and contains full color illustrations, instructions to play and is a wonderful self contained adventure to share and experience again and again!

GNA Jr’s feature a unique navigation system designed to help new readers access the story. Each story page in every book, has a color coded tab that corresponds to the choices the young readers will make, easing navigation. When a choice is made, readers are guided by a color matched to a shape, driving engagement!

In Calie and Kiki new readers will follow along and help in a fresh take on the traditional Princess captured in a tower fable. Spirited Calie will meet the readers as she has decided herself to not wait on rescue and will enlist the help of the readers and her beloved pet cat Kiki to effect her escape! What follows are puzzles and encounters as Calie finds various power items to help traverse the environment and solve puzzles to escape! With many paths to take, items to find, puzzles to clear and foes to face, interactivity for the readers and older readers assisting them and the replay value is high!



PLAY TIME: 45 mins

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