Circadians: First Light (2nd Edition) - Specialists Expansion

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An Expansion for the popular Circadians: Chaos Order. A competitive, confrontational area control game with highly asymmetric Factions.

The days on Ryh are longer than those on Earth. Yet somehow it was still 33 rotations before we encountered the Oxataya - another 12 before we met any Ahzuri. So far our negotiations have gone well. Oxataya are an ancient water-dwelling clan, full of wisdom, knowledge and insight. Ahzuri are an ascetic mountain tribe of which we still know very little. We have learnt a lot from Oxataya, and their temples, but there is still much to discover. Our new research outposts and specialists have shown great promise so far. Still, only time will tell.

1 Illustrated Rulebook
12 Leader cards
26 Contract Cards
6 Event Cards
6 Scheme Cards
2 Faction Boards
2 Negotiations Boards Extensions
4 Outpost Boards
1 Temple Board
3 Ship Tiles
3 Farm Tiles
1 Conspire Board
4 Character specific Tiles/Boards
12 specialist Dice
4 Incident Markers

This expansion requires a copy of Circadians: First Light (2nd Edition)



PLAY TIME: 60-90 mins

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