Clinic Deluxe Edition: Campaign Book (SEE LOW PRICE AT CHECKOUT)



This book contains 3 Campaign Mode, all of which are designed for 1-4 players:

The Thematic Campaigns:
Each of these campaigns facilitates learning the rules of the myriad expansions. The expansions are gather into 5 main themes, and each theme is a separate campaign. Each scenario of a campaign introduces the expansions gradually (but cumulatively), easing the learning curve.

The Medium Campaigns:
8 scenarios, each of which combines a cross-section of 5 expansions from the 5 themes defined in the Thematic Campaigns.

The Expert Campaign:
5 scenarios, each of which combines 8-9 expansions to tell a story (actual story included).

A game inside a game for 1-4 players.



PLAY TIME: 60-150 mins

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