A cup of coffee sure is relaxing — for the customer. For the coffee shop, however, orders tend to pile up during peak hours, and it is no different today at Coffee Rush. Your goal: Complete customer orders to increase your ratings and be recognized as the best barista!

In more detail, each player moves on the ingredient board to collect the ingredients that they need to fulfil orders — and fulfilling orders boosts your rating. Orders that are not fulfilled in time become penalties, which subtract from your rating. If a player has fulfilled three orders, they may activate an upgrade that lets them acquire ingredients more easily.

The game ends once all order cards have run out or after a barista collects their fifth penalty card. The player with the highest rating wins!

  • BREW YOUR SUCCESS: Immerse yourself in the world of coffee-making as you race to fulfill orders and boost your rating.
  • QUICK & ADDICTIVE: Enjoy fast-paced gameplay that keeps you engaged and wanting more round after round.
  • FULFILL ORDERS: Collect ingredients strategically to fulfill orders, but beware of penalties for uncompleted orders.
  • UPGRADE YOUR SKILLS: Achieve three fulfilled orders to unlock upgrades that make ingredient acquisition easier.
  • DESIGN-RICH CONTENT: Delight in a visually appealing game with ample content to fuel your coffee-making adventure.



PLAY TIME: 30 mins

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