Cosmic Frog: Find Muck

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The Cosmic Frog: Find Muck expansion adds mental powers to the game so that your frog is no longer merely immortal and invulnerable, but psionic as well! Mental powers open the way for mental combat and gullet purging.

This expansion also introduces muck lands, special terrain tiles that offer interesting choices for you in the Outer Dimensions and that function as wildcards for vault scoring.

Finally, this expansion introduces a new chip system for combat, raiding, and returning from the Outer Dimensions that allows for some serious metagaming.

This expansion can be used with the original Cosmic Frog dice-based system as well as the new chip-based system. Just be consistent. If you want to use dice, then use dice for everything, i.e., combat, raiding, and returning from the Outer Dimensions.

1 Rulebook
2 Decks of Ability Cards
6 Sets of Colored Chips
48 Muck Lands

This expansion requires a copy of Cosmic Frog



PLAY TIME: 45-90 mins

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