Endangered: New Speices

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With the success of your efforts to save the Tiger and Sea Otter populations, new opportunities open up as many more threatened animals need your help! The New Species expansion introduces six amazing new scenarios with challenges unique to that species:

 • Elephants require that you manage the issue of captivity

 • Polar Bears must deal with disappearing ice

 • California Condors are super sensitive to human encroachment

 • Sea Turtle must brave the dangerous journey to nesting sites

 • Jaguars & Tapirs strike a delicate predator/prey balance

 • Devils Hole Pupfish is the rarest fish in the world

In addition, this box includes the unpredictable Policy Change variant, several new Ambassadors to win over, and new Specialty powers for every Role! This expansion adds so much incredible content to the Endangered system; hours of cooperative challenge will unfold as you save the animals, one species at a time!

This expansion requires a copy of Endangered.



PLAY TIME: 30-60 mins

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