Ex Libris (2nd Edition): Expanded Archives Expansion

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Welcome to one of our town’s best kept secrets - the Expanded Archives! The contents of this room are meant only for the eyes of the Grand Librarians. Residing within the walls and shelves are strange, oft-forgotten powerful Artifacts that are difficult to master but will impress any Official Inspector!

In addition to powerful Artifacts, you’ll have the opportunity to hire trusty Special Assistants to send out into the village to find the most impressive tomes.

Introduces new Artifact cards that can be shelved with your books for powerful effects and scoring potential.

Adds new Special Assistants and a new way to use them! The Job Faire module allows players to bid to gain Special Assistants, allowing them to have multiple different ones during each game!

  • 5th player content
  • Artifactorium module - 2 new locations, plus all of the artifact cards
  • 3 new Special Assistant Meeples, with their cards
  • Job Faire module - 2 new locations, plus cards for the 1st edition Special Assistants (with updated / balanced text), allowing the Special Assistants to be auctioned off during the game.
  • Updated Diviner's Hut location (revised text)

This expansion requires a copy of Ex Libris (2nd Edition)



PLAY TIME: 45 mins

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