Excavation Earth: Second Wave Expansion (SEE LOW PRICE AT CHECKOUT)



Second Wave is the first expansion for Excavation Earth, introducing two new races - the Collectors and the Influencers - along with new game-play elements and ways of scoring. The Observation Barge, which lets you further manipulate the market demand for artifacts and score points at the end of the game. Achievements add a whole new way of scoring by completing set goals and Racial Wildcards give each race their own, more powerful action card to boost their round!

1 rulebook
2 double-layer faction player boards
1 double-layer observation barge
21 faction tokens
7 faction wild cards
22 double-sided achievement cards
6 explorer pawns
2 turn order markers
44 crew cubes
2 Zu achieve cards for solo play

This expansion requires a copy of Excavation Earth



PLAY TIME: 30-120 mins

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