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Faiyum is the newest game by Friedemann Friese, the award-winning designer of Power Grid and Friday. 3,900 years ago, the Faiyum basin was turned into the granary for Egypt. The players are the advisors of Pharoah Amenemhet and will compete to urbanize the oasis-like Faiyum.

Faiyum is a strategic game for fans of planning games. The basic rules are simple: play your cards one by one on your personal discard stack to harvest goods, build roads, found settlements and more. After playing some or all of your cards, you take them back into your hand in "reverse" playing order, so playing cards in the best order is important. Newly purchased cards go directly into your hand, so the timing of getting and playing them is important. In the end, the most cunning advisor who creates the best card combinations will win Faiyum.



PLAY TIME: 120 mins

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