Floor Plan: The Winchester Mystery House

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10,000 windows, 2,000 doors, and 40 staircases. Truly, the Winchester Mystery House is a marvel of Victorian architecture, and now you too can contribute to Sarah’s evolving Floor Plan!

It is said that Sarah Winchester perpetually added to the house to confuse the ghosts, and now 100 years later, you can continue her legacy. In Floor Plan Winchester Mystery House, you will be challenged to build on 2 different stories and fulfill 6 different building requirements per game in this Roll-N-Write for 1-6 players!

Floor Plan: The Winchester Mystery House is based on the hit game Floor Plan from Deep Water Games and is an officially licensed product.

Gameplay description:
Once per turn, players roll two dice in the center of the table and all players use the roll to either draw a new room into their house or draw features in rooms they’ve already drawn.

Every game of Floor Plan: The Winchester Mystery House uses 3 of the 15 scoring cards - all based on real design and architectural elements of the house.

If your design matches a scoring goal, you add the listed points on your sheet. The game ends when a player has completed 5 goals, then the player with the most points wins. Earn extra points at the end of the game from Spirit bonuses and the upper and lower floor layout goals.



PLAY TIME: 20-40 mins

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