Fog of Love: Love on Lockdown

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Love on Lockdown is an expansion to the critically acclaimed, Fog of Love board game. Love on Lockdown tells the story of a couple who find themselves locked inside together for months on end with nothing to do. (How did we ever come up with this idea!?)
While on lock-down, you'll have more to manage than most couples - like your boredom and how reckless you're acting about the Threat. Coping with cabin fever will make or break the relationship - if you can even keep it up that long to begin with!

- Navigate a branching story line switches paths based on your choices.
- Choose the fate of your relationship from 8 new destinies
- Explore 45 fun, new Scene cards all concerned with life, love, and happiness on the (literal) inside.

1 Branching Love Story
45 Scene Cards
8 Destines
1 Risk/Boredom board
2 Reckless tokens
2 Apathetic tokens

This expansion requires a copy of Fog of Love.



PLAY TIME: 60-120 mins

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