Great Western Trail (2nd Edition) Sticker Upgrade Kit



Great Western Trail (2nd Edition) Sticker Upgrade Kit includes 132 stickers for both sides of your meeples!

One for the front and back of each cowboy and train meeple, as well as two different stickers for each disk, and a sticker for each ribbon certificate marker.

The disks have two stickers, a sheriff badge to show a space is locked on your tableau, and a victory point shield on the other side for when you get points on the board.

NOTE: This sticker set IS ONLY COMPATIBLE with the new edition of Great Western Trail., not the 1st Edition of the game.

This pack does NOT contain meeples.
This pack only has decals for your original meeples
This product is designed by Levity Games, who is not affiliated with Eggert Spiele or Asmodee in any way.

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