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In Dreams is a slightly surreal storytelling game for one, which uses vivid imagery and evocative prompts to immerse you in a dreamworld you wouldn’t have otherwise imagined.

In this storytelling solo game, the player writes a story in which a character in a dreamworld must complete a specific goal before waking. The player begins by drawing cards to create a randomized character with a starting temperament. Card draws will also determine the goal the character must achieve by the dream's end in order for the player to win.

Storytelling then begins by drawing cards to create an Encounter. An Encounter consists of 2-4 short prompts as well as a location. All Encounter cards include surreal artwork to help inspire fresh and creative interpretations each game. The player must immediately write about the generated Encounter, including all of the prompts and the location while attempting to move the character closer to their goal.

Some Encounters will prompt the player to generate an Event. Two cards from the Event deck will determine what is happening as well as the tone. These cards too include surreal artwork for inspiration. Events are resolved in the same manner as Encounters.

The game continues, with the player drawing and resolving Encounters and Events through storytelling until the character's goal is met.



PLAY TIME: 10-20 mins

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