Last Aurora: Frozen Steel (SEE LOW PRICE AT CHECKOUT)



Frozen Steel is the second official expansion to Last Aurora. This expansion contains a new series of cards, bringing the Asgaror Clan, a new group of enemies standing between the players and the Aurora, into the game. This extremely aggressive little group has quickly emerged as one of the deadliest dangers in this frozen wasteland. Their power stems from the armor and weapons they carry, crafted from a mysterious metal said to have been salvaged from an alien spaceship that crashed to Earth many years ago. They will hinder anyone who tries to flee their territory. Firmly believing that the hell they live in is the will of their gods and that only the deserving can be saved. These enemies can be played with the other cards of this expansion or directly with the base game.

This 110-card expansion introduces five independent modules (compatible with each other): 4 starting crews with asymmetrical abilities; a new Clan of Enemies, very powerful and hard to kill, with exclusive Loot cards; a set of new Exploration cards (Trucks, Trailers, Devices, Survivors, Events, Encounters, and Objects, with new powers and abilities); Player versus player rules, which let players fight other Convoys; a deck of Story cards, which add a narrative element to the game, in which players must face difficult decisions, resolve missions, and much more!

22 Exploration cards
12 Object cards
6 Enemy cards
6 Loot cards
8 Survivor cards
4 PvP cards
12 Outcome cards
40 Story cards

This expansion requires a copy of Last Aurora.



PLAY TIME: 60-90 mins

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