Lost Expedition: The Fountain of Youth & Other Adventures

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The Fountain of Youth and Other Adventures expands Peer Sylvester’s bestselling The Lost Expedition with four new, modular additions to the core game. In The Fountain of Youth and Other Adventures Francisco de Orellana and his band of conquistadors traveled deep into the Amazon and were never seen again. Centuries later, unbelievable reports of men clad in ancient armour armed with sword and arquebus have surfaced. If the rumors are true, de Orellana found the Fountain of Youth and guards it dearly….

Other reports have emerged from the area of a mysterious mountain deep in the jungle, pulling planes crashing down from the sky. There are whispers, too, of a dark curse that the locals only call the Mark. For those foolhardy enough to still journey into the depths of the continent, they best not travel alone.

With art by Garen Ewing, who created the fantastic art for the original game, The Fountain of Youth and Other Adventures will appeal to players who enjoyed The Lost Expedition and are looking for a new challenge, as well as anyone new to the game.

This expansion requires a copy of The Lost Expedition.



PLAY TIME: 30-50 min

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