Neuroshima Hex 3.0: Steel Police

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The Steel Police - one of the symbols of Neuroshima world - now enters the univers of Neuroshima Hex...

Neuroshima Hex! Steel Police is the first army pack, part of a series of mini game expansions containing one Neuroshima Hex army. The army's author is none other than the game's author - Michal Oracz.

The Steel Police army pack introduces a new ability in a Neuroshima Hex line. It is called Reflection. Reflection protects the army unit from all attacks directed at its side marked with the Reflection icon. Such attacks are reflected in the opposite direction for a distance of one field and hits an enemy tile (Unit, HQ, or Module) if it stands on an adjacent field on the line of attack. Reflected attacks do not harm Steel Police tiles.

This expansion requires a copy of Neuroshima Hex 3.0.



PLAY TIME: 30 mins

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