Northgard: Uncharted Lands - Warchiefs Expansion (SEE LOW PRICE AT CHECKOUT)



Your Clan will grant you a special power and unique clan cards to create and upgrade your deck. The Warchief expansion also brings you a dedicated warchief, coming both with a permanent power and a new card to add to your upgrades.

Each of the 7 clans brings asymmetrical player powers.
Bear clan, Goat clan, Raven clan, Stag clan, Wolf clan, Boar clan and the Snake clan.

  • 5 Modular playerboards for 5 player colors
  • 7 Modular playerboards for 7 clans.
  • 7 Warchief upgrade cards (1 card per clan)
  • 7 Warchief miniatures
  • 1 Kaija miniature
  • 10 colorer plastic rings
  • Rulebook

This expansion requires a copy of Northgard: Uncharted Lands



PLAY TIME: 45-90 mins

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