Oros: Collector's Edition (SEE LOW PRICE AT CHECKOUT)



Oros is a game of strategy, where you will be faced with choices between moving the land itself, erupting volcanoes, building shrines, or repositioning your Followers on every turn. Shift the land itself, move and collide tiles, form and erupt volcanoes, worship to gain wisdom, journey around the ever-changing landscape, and build sacred monuments in the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge.

Collector’s Edition features:

  • Kinetic game mechanics, like tile colliding and worker placement
  • Unique UV finish on the box and components
  • Premium wooden upgrades with colorful heat-transfer artwork
  • Dual-layer player board assembly kit
  • Custom tray inserts and for easy set up and take down
  • 4 unique automa for easy to use solo and 2-player mode
  • Grande Mountain mini-expansion



PLAY TIME: 60-120 mins

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