PlingPong is a dexterity game. The game comes with four (4) interlocking trays to create a single game board, which holds a black cup in the middle and four (4) sets of six (6) colored cups on each tray. Each player get a color (or two (2) colors if playing with two (2) players).

Play is played on any table you can bounce a ping pong ball on. With the board setup diagonally, players shoot over their color, to hit the other player’s cups. In each round players shoot twice, then score the round; empty cups stay on the board, cups with an Odd number of balls come off and cups with an Even number of balls stay on.

The goal is to bounce your shots into the opponent’s cups, while avoiding the black cup in the middle.

If the black cup has an odd numbers of balls, each player who placed a ball in the cup lose one of their cups, and the other players gain a cup. If there is an even number of balls in the black cup, the effect of the black cup is cancelled. Even if you have no cups left, you are still in the game, because you will get one back when someone makes a black cup shot.

The last player with cups on the board wins.



PLAY TIME: 20-30 mins

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