Potato Man

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POTATO MAN IS HERE! Potato Man is a trick-taking game for 2 to 5 players who compete for points over multiple rounds. Each trick is unique, and you can’t repeat suits of cards. Use your cards wisely to win the most valuable tricks and leverage the power of the mighty hero Potato Man to defeat the evil Lord Fry.

What's a trick-taking game? A trick-taking game is a card game in which rounds work as follows: each player plays a card from their hand, and once all players have played cards in the round, the winner takes all the cards played for themselves.

Save the city! The city of Pommesville is threatened by Lord Fry and his army of mutant potatoes. Since fast food restaurant chains spread his kind of potato around the world, he believes they should rule over all other potatoes! Potato Man and his loyal sidekick, Cheese Boy, come to save the day and stop Lord Fry’s evil plans.

Tactical fun! The game is highly tactical and requires you to adapt to situations in the best way possible. You must ensure that your opponents do not score the most points while also trying to secure the best cards for your hand for future rounds.



PLAY TIME: 20 mins

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