Prof. Marbles



Big Bang was yesterday, today the world formula is being created! No wonder Professor Marbles is highly concentrated at work. He skilfully pours the spherical contents of the test tubes back and forth. Just don't rush anything!

"Prof. Marbles" by HUCH! & friends requires skill and logic when it comes to supporting the professor and finding the right composition. The professor's notebook contains 60 tasks in four different difficulty levels. For each task there is a given starting constellation of test tubes in different sizes, a certain number and combination of colored balls and a picture of the finished mixture. This is exactly how the test tube should be filled at the end of the laboratory day.

The ideal solution to the task is noted on the back. Now you have to get the desired result by skillfully shaking the balls back and forth. Ideally with little spilling and a result similar to that of the professor. There is a resolution for each task, in which the sequence of the pours is documented. In order not to lose track of all the shaking, Prof. Marbles also contains a counter.



PLAY TIME: 10 mins

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