Rail Barons of the World (SEE LOW PRICE AT CHECKOUT)



This expansion to the Railways of the World series contains 24 Universal Rail Barons for use with any Railways of the World map -- as each goal is non-map specific. This expansion also unlocks solo play in the Railways of the World Series with a new solo system created by Dávid Turczi and John Albertson. The solo system works with seven different maps in the Railways of the World series: Eastern US, Mexico, Great Britain, Nippon, Portugal, Sweden and Australia. Rail Barons of the World is an expansion for the Railways of the World series. You will need the pieces from the Railways of the World base game or the Railways of Nippon base game to play it.

* 111 Railbot cards
* 12 Duel Baron cards
* 15 Not in Play tokens
* 1 Insurance token
* 1 Railbot Action token
* 24 Universal Rail Baron cards
* 7 Reference cards



PLAY TIME: 45-120 mins

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