Railroad Ink: Eldritch Expansion Pack

$4.99 $12.99


Includes the following expansions:

  • Teleport Expansion - Roll your way into the future with the Teleport expansion and connect your routes through portals! Test your skills with a whole new mind-bending puzzle transcending the basic laws of physics!
  • Investigation Expansion - Help the Investigator to collect all of the clues by building a network easy for them to navigate!
  • Tentacle Expansion - Tentacles from another dimension are invading your board! Make them reach the Central Area of your board to score points, and let them cross your Longest Routes for even more points!
  • Ritual Expansion - Build portals at the edges of your board and connect them to the secret ritual sites, but keep these networks separated from the normal Exits or you will lose points!

This expansion requires a copy of Railroad Ink.



PLAY TIME: 15-30 mins

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