Railroad Rivals: Robber Baron (Premium Edition)

$25.99 $39.99


The Robber Baron Expansion contains new tiles, a new railroad, new wooden components, a sixth player color (green), and new rules that add new depth and strategy to Railroad Rivals. The new Stock Shenanigans tiles allow players to engage in the same types of devious strategies that made the robber barons of history their fortunes. The Premium Edition upgrades the cardboard pieces to premium wooden pieces.

1 new railroad
5 new city tiles
2 new versions of New York & Boston City tiles
6 stock shenanigans tiles
2 locomotive upgrade tiles
1 new industry tile
1 railroad headquarters tile
20 locomotives
1 water tower & hotel
10 white goods cubes
1 new railroad stock value marker for NYNH&H



PLAY TIME: 60-90 mins

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