Railways of Western U.S. (SEE LOW PRICE AT CHECKOUT)



The 2019 Edition Includes Updated and Revised Map and Cards for Railways of the Western U.S.

Railways of the Western U.S
. is an expansion for Railways of the World. Designed by Rick Holzgrafe, this expansion map uses the score track, pieces, tiles, money, trains, bonds and rules of the original game, but comes with a new map, featuring the Western half of the United States. The basic mechanics and gameplay of the original game are unchanged, as players build track and deliver goods to increase their income and earn points, but the expansion also includes new pieces and rules. These extras may optionally be used with this expansion as well as with the base game and all other expansions.

(1) 30 x 36 Revised Map of Western U.S. (map wraps over edge)
(38) Railroad Operation Cards
(12) Barron Cards
(18) City Rotors
(24) Fuel Depot Tokens
(6) Player Reference Cards
(1) Full Railways of the World Rule Book Compendium (2019 update)

This expansion requires a copy of Railways of the World



PLAY TIME: 120 mins

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