Rebellion Without Rehearsal - Liberation: Part 2 (Expansion for Netrunner) (SEE LOW PRICE AT CHECKOUT)



The flames of rebellion rage unquenched

In the months following the events of The Automata Initiative, the upheaval within Brazil has accelerated at a blistering pace. Protesters gather daily across the country, many becoming violent as they clash with police equipped by Thunderbolt Armaments, HB’s most prominent division in the region. The assassinations of a high-profile anti-android senator and the president of the Supreme Federal Court stir up questions regarding the stability of the government, culminating in an attempted coup by the Brazilian military, quietly backed by Weyland subsidiary Nuvem SA..

Now that tensions have become open conflict, the spotlight turns to Sebastião Souza Pessoa, prominent activist organizer and underworld runner, and Epiphany Analytica’s “Holo Man”, the mastermind behind the entire crisis.

Rebellion Without Rehearsal is an expansion compatible with Netrunner, the asymmetric competitive card game. In this pack you will find 3 new identities, plus 186 cards (3 copies each of 62 different cards).

Play as Runners, diverse hackers fighting for a cause or personal interests during a time of turmoil and unrest, or as Corps advancing their hidden agendas to exploit an opportunity they did not anticipate.

Contains cards 66-130 of the Liberation Cycle. This is not a standalone game. A copy of System Gateway is required to play.



PLAY TIME: 15-30 mins

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