Sleuth (New Edition) (SEE LOW PRICE AT CHECKOUT)



Sleuth is the timeless classic deduction game by legendary designer Sid Sackson. Players are searching for a missing gem, one of the 36 Gem cards which has been removed and hidden before the start of the game. The 35 remaining Gem cards are distributed among the Players, with extras publicly displayed. Using logic and deduction, and cards from the Search deck, players question their opponents for evidence as they race to win by being the first to identify the missing gem. 

Many editions of Sleuth have been produced over the past 50+ years since its first release in 1971. Eagle-Gryphon Games has taken a fresh approach to the art for this 2024 edition by commissioning Jake Seven, an American-born artist and art instructor who lives and works in Hobart, Tasmania.

* 5
4 Search Cards
* 36 Gem Cards
* 1 Pad of Information Sheets
1 Rulebook



PLAY TIME: 30-45 mins

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