Spirit Island: Premium Token Pack #2

$35.99 $49.95


A set of 201 custom wooden silkscreened tokens including Incarna, Deeps, Vitality, Quake, Element, and even some extra Stife, Badlands, 1-Energy, and Fear tokens! This set of tokens comes packaged in a full-color box roughly the size of the Branch & Claw expansion.

This set includes:
7 Incarna Tokens (from Nature Incarnate)
24 Deeps Tokens (from Nature Incarnate)
18 Vitality Tokens (from Nature Incarnate)
20 Quake Tokens (from Nature Incarnate)
72 Element Tokens (from Jagged Earth)
6 Fear Markers
27 Single Turn Effect Markers (Defend)
27 Single Turn Effect Markers (Isolate)

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