Stationfall: Miniatures

$36.49 $54


Set of 28 3D characters for ION's Stationfall board game. 40 mm. More pictures to come! (These are just the digital sketches!) These are: Astrochimp, Billionaire, Boarder, Botanist, Colonel, Consort, Corpsicle, Counsellor, Cyborg, Daredevil, Doctor, Drones (2), Engineer, Exile, Inspector, Legal, Maintenance Clones (3), Medical, Microbiologist, Operative, Security, Station Chief, Stowaway, Stranger, Troubleshooter. (Please be aware that changes in shipping dates may occur due to this crazy world we live in. We promise to do all we can to make this wonderful hopscotch of crazy peeps available as fast as we possibly can!)

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