Summit is an adventure game in which players attempt to ascend and descend a deadly mountain, working together, as rivals, or alone. It is a tile-laying, card-playing, dice-rolling survival game... and if the mountain doesn’t kill you, your friends might! Will you survive on your wits or on your tricks?

In a competitive game, players race up and down the deadly mountain while managing their resources, building their paths, overcoming obstacles, and attempting to survive their competition. Summit’s unique Karma system will let you actively help or hinder your opponents. However, your score on the Karma Track is based on how you play these “take-that” cards. Gain some points by sharing your supplies or helping out a fellow climber. Or lose some points by cutting their rope and pushing them back down the mountain.

In a cooperative or solo game, players must now work together to overcome the mountain and survive the expedition. Summit is a game so grueling you need only one team member to survive the ascent and descent, so players may sacrifice themselves for the good of the team. These modes have a “Sherpa Track”, “Time of Day Track” and a whole new set of Event cards added.

With over 190 unique cards, nearly 100 tiles, unique resource management and tracking on dual-layer asymmetrical player mats and the ability to customize your difficulty and game length, Summit guarantees you will never play the same game twice!



PLAY TIME: 40-180 mins

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