Take 5 / Take a Number Bonus Pack / 6 Nimmt / X Nimmt (SEE LOW PRICE AT CHECKOUT)



You may have to take five cards, but you only need to know two rules to earn the lowest score. Secretly pick a card from your hand, then play it on one of four rows. Here are the two rules: Your card must be higher than the last card in a row, and it has to be played next to the last card thats closest in number.

If you play the sixth card in a row, you take that row . . . and all the points in it. That`s when the game earns its name: you`ll take five cards, and you`ll wince as you take cards worth five points. Take a Number is a stand-alone game with advanced rules that builds on the basic edition to create an extreme Take experience.



PLAY TIME: 20 mins

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