The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim - Miniatures Upgrade Set (SEE LOW PRICE AT CHECKOUT)



Battles rage across Skyrim, heroes delve into long-forgotten tombs, enemies arise to threaten the holds. Three ways to adventure in one box!

Fight Your Way Across Skyrim!

• Take to the battlefields of Skyrim with the Adventurer's Primer, a complete introductory skirmish game.
• Includes rulebook, dice set, and unit cards for all the miniatures in this box (and the miniatures in the base game, Dawnguard Expansion, and From the Ashes Expansion).

Summon New Allies & Adversaries!

• 95 Cards including Hero, Adversary, and Followers to expand your forces in the Call to Arms miniatures game.

Unleash Your Enemies in Skyrim: The Adventure Game!

• Replace the roaming monster tokens in the base game with 52 plastic miniatures of Trolls, Daedra, Dragons, Beothia's Chosen, Vampires, Thalmor Justiciars, and Dunmer Cultists.
• Expand your hero choices with 10 new sculpts of the Imperial, Nord, Dunmer, Orsimer, Altmer, Khajiit, Breton, Bosmer, Redguard, and Argonian.

This expansion requires a copy of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim The Adventure Game



PLAY TIME: 90-120 mins

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