The One Hundred Torii: Diverging Paths

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Wonder down every path...
What wonders await you deeper in the garden? You might wander upon shrines of extreme beauty and peace such as the many gates of Fushimi Inari or the bamboo paths of Nonomiya. Score a path next to a shrine and enjoy its own special blessing. Joining you on this journey are two new characters, the gambler and the pilgrim, each offering a unique advantage. There is wonder down every path...

the sun's horizon;
shrines emerge from the trees;
flowers turn to light

Your objective in this expansion for The One Hundred Torii, is the same as the normal game: earn the most journey points by expanding the garden and walking through as many torii gates as possible as you move between similar landmarks. However, playing with the shrines offers new ways to score journey points and there are two new characters to help you.

This expansion requires a copy of The One Hundred Torii



PLAY TIME: 45 mins

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